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thursday night i got all dressed up.

(i really need to clean my mirror)

i attended a banquet – part business, part pleasure. in a skirt. i felt amazingly beautiful all night long.

and afterward, this happened.

i was so blown away i couldn’t figure out how to take a decent cell phone picture to save my life (or anyone else’s).


my boyfriend of nearly four years asked me to marry him. and i said yes (if you couldn’t figure that out from the EXTRA blurry pictures above).

it wasn’t the perfect proposal (he was so nervous he proposed with the wedding band), but it was perfectly us (i cried, we hugged, we laughed, we kissed – and then kissed some more. and then a hug. and maybe some more kissing. definitely more laughter).

to break the news to my family and friends, i quickly made this video and emailed it at 1:30 in the morning.

let me tell you, the reactions were pretty funny. my sister-in-law, who was the only one awake at that time (newborn), didn’t “get it” until the very end, which, i kind of loved. early the next morning, i got to be on the phone with a friend while she watched it for the first time and her reaction was absolutely priceless. i wouldn’t have wanted to announce it any other way.

we are super excited and will likely be getting married late june 2012, which means i have eight months to KILL myself in the gym and get in absolutely a-maz-ing shape for this wedding. i won’t set specific goals, but if i could lose another 20 pounds before i go dress shopping in january, i would be over the moon and swear to not call myself fat ever again (or at least while shopping).

i’d say a corset is most likely in my future. how the heck do you buy a wedding dress as a banded bride-to-be anyway? i’d be so afraid to buy anything that is too fitted (insert sad face) only because i know how quickly my body is changing.

any ideas?