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  • last week (12/21): 218.4
  • this week (12/28): 221.0
  • WEEKLY LOSS: +2.6 lbs
  • TOTAL LOSS: -who the heck knows? lbs

um. yea. happy holidays?

seriously, though, my facebook status from yesterday: for the past several days, my diet has consisted primarily of the 3 c’s: cookies, carbs and cherry coke. i anticipate gaining several pounds of pure sugar and subsequently losing my mind when i see the number on the scale tomorrow morning. regardless, i have enjoyed it. back to the gym tonight and normal life next week.

so yeaaaaaaaa. i’m off the wagon. mind you, i did work out every day but two over the long weekend (including on christmas eve), but my eating has consisted of little protein and whole lotta carb – has been ever since “the incident.” i refuse to eat eggs so i had pancakes. three times! um….yea. i hate pancakes!

i will freely admit that i’m enjoying a little break from reality – free of counting grams of protein and whatnot – so just let me enjoy my time off the wagon, eh? i realize that this break doesn’t come without consequences (as realized on the scale this morning) but i’ll be back on track with food (and spending) after the holiday (i.e. monday). i must. i have a wedding dress to shop for. eeeeek!

speaking of breaks, i’ve also been considering taking an extended break from this blog, but not until after my bandiversary. it just feels like a chain around my ankle that i can’t shake, and if it weren’t for my three faithful readers and the fact that i like being able to see my loss (or gains as of late) from week to week, i would have quit long ago. i’ll keep thinking about that one.

hope everyone has an amazing and safe new year’s celebration! see you all in 2012!