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  • last week (12/28): 221.0
  • this week (1/4): 220.0
  • WEEKLY LOSS: -1.0 lbs
  • TOTAL LOSS: -39 lbs

bullocks. i was hoping for more, but i’ll take what i can get.

in other more important news, congrats to stephanie, who just marked 100 pounds down, ronnie, who also has lost 100 pounds and just recently celebrated her bandiversary, and becky, who is taking a break from her blog (and sorely missed), and who also has lost 100 pounds. you ladies rock – and inspire me. i can’t wait to join your club!

i mentioned something last week about taking some time off from blogging. and in the last week, i’ve been thinking about this little nugget of wisdom from the wise ronnie:

The minute blogging feels less like “therapy” and more like a burden, it’s definitely time to take the shackles off. :(

Sometimes blogging can actually hinder weight loss, with the pressure you sometimes feel posting a weight every week… so if you need to take time off, or even stop blogging don’t feel obligated to us. Just know we wish ya well!

i haven’t made any decisions about whether or not i’ll take a break from my very small corner of the world wide web, but i really am stuck on this idea of blogging hindering weight loss.

anyone have any personal experience with this? weighing in every week is definitely a stressor — recording it here even more so.

ugh. decisions, decisions.

p.s. this is what i looked like on NYE.

i was pretty okay with that.

p.p.s. today is my four-year anniversary with my boo. also okay with that 🙂