you all need to head on over here and read this.

if you’re considering banding, or doing the pre-op work, it’s a must-read.

i found myself doing one of these:

sans drumstick of course.

i had a LOOOOONG conversation recently with my nutritionist about this very thing. and if you’ve ever attended a seminar, you know what i’m talking about.

you go in thinking “this is it. this is what i’ve been waiting for. it’s amazing. it will solve all of my problems. why didn’t i find this sooner?”

and then you do it. and things are pretty cool for awhile. you lose some weight, look better, feel better. and you’re all like:

sans drumstick of course.

and then you hit a wall. a plateau. a dry spell. nothing happens. nothing moves (except for you, five to six times a week at the gym). and you wonder what happened between the seminar and real life.

well, it’s all there and black and white folks. the truth.

thanks, jen, for putting it all out there.

you’ve just made my monday all…