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yea. i fell off (the face of the internet/the wagon/blogging).

not what i’ve been doing, but i’ve thought about it once or twice (three times obese).

i’ve still been weighing in faithfully and recording it here, but haven’t been doing my weekly weigh-in blogs. between life and the pressure of blogging about my recent gains, i just haven’t felt motivated.

i did, however, see my doctor this week and get an eensy weensy 0.5 fill – and i’m feeling it. i think it may be a good compromise between too little (the past several months) and too much (the several months before the past several months). right now, it feels juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust right.

like this.

in wedding news: since i last posted, i have gone wedding dress shopping, and have a second appointment scheduled for this weekend. my first appointment was at david’s – and i was expecting to hate everything. even the vera i so adore.

this is the first time i’ve ever seen a true curvy girl in this dress (besides me). and i love it. rock it, girl!

i was fabulously surprised to see how good i look in white, no less, a wedding gown. sure, my arms need work (whose don’t?), but overall, hooooooooot!

i found two dresses – one i adore, and one everyone else adores. needless to say, there is an $800 difference between the two (of course, the one i love is more expensive), so i felt like i needed to keep shopping.

my appointment this weekend is with a local salon so i’m hoping to find something more middle of the road (price-wise and otherwise).

in non-wedding-related news: i had an interview yesterday. a long one. my mouth was so dry from talking, i felt i would never drink enough water to compensate.

this is what i wore.

suitwhy do i always stand in front of the mirror with my hand just a tad too close to my crotch? sorry for that awkwardness, peeps.

it’s a super corporate gig, so i probably should have worn pearls. no matter, i still felt like at least $50,000.

i think the interview went well … but, as with anything, i never want to assume, so i suppose i’ll just have to wait and see. i can tell you one thing, though. interviewing 40 pounds lighter does a lot of good.

i didn’t sweat (literally or figuratively). i didn’t shift around in my seat because my (new) suit didn’t fit right. i wasn’t pulling at my shirt because it was snagging on my belly fat (let’s be honest, though – there is still plenty of belly fat to get snug [?????] on…).

i just felt better. about me. and about what i bring to the table as an employee and a person. and if that’s all that comes from this experience (the interview, not banding), it will still feel pretty darn good.

have i atoned for my sins (not blogging) with this post? gosh i hope so.

love to all of you wonderful people. hope you’re having a great thursday!